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Interviews with leading figures from commercial property and residential property.

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Darius Ziatabari

Touch of magic: Darius Ziatabari interview

15 June 2017| By Adam Branson

Darius Ziatabari is standing at a kitchen counter in Surrey, merrily spraying playing cards into the air for the benefit of Property Week’s photographer.

Savannah de Savary

Property’s Shazam: Savannah de Savary interview

8 June 2017| By Adam Branson

Imagine having a tool at your disposal that instantly provides information about the building you are looking at - the agents leasing it, the architect who designed it, the contractor that built it - a ‘Shazam for the built environment’, if you like.

David Camp

A new Stanhope: David Camp interview

1 June 2017| By Adam Branson

John Burbage

London’s called: John Burbage interview

21 May 2017| By Richard Williams

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