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Cal Lee

Space man: Cal Lee interview

20 April 2017| By Simon Creasey

Workthere has all the usual attributes associated with a proptech company - a cool-looking website, hip young staff and a funky name that would not sound out of place in Silicon Valley. But Workthere is not your average VC-investor-backed start-up. It is the brainchild of Savills.

Eyal Weizman

Conflict interest: Eyal Weizman interview

12 April 2017| By Adam Branson

If you constructed a Venn diagram representing architecture, investigative journalism, acoustic engineering, human rights law and psychology, you would find a tiny area of intersection in the middle.

Kevin Nowlan

Bring on Brexit: Kevin Nowlan interview

4 April 2017| By Ben Cooper

Richard Cherry

Estate of mind: Richard Cherry interview

30 March 2017| By Adam Branson

Andrew Percival UPP

A man on the UPP: Andrew Percival interview

23 March 2017| By Richard Hook

Redrock Stockport leisure complex

A northern soul: Eamonn Boylan interview

7 March 2017| By Simon Creasey

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