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Catherine Haward

A force for good: how Haward made the leap from sergeant to developer

20 October 2017| By Noella Pio Kivlehan

Catherine Haward had spent 19 years in the police force and expected to stay there for the rest of her career.

Fred Bristol

A noble cause: Fred Bristol interview

13 October 2017| By Samantha Partington

The eighth marquess of Bristol talks to Property Week about his hopes and aspirations for Brickowner, the property crowdfunding business he founded two years ago.

Hannah Milne

Jewel in the Crown: Hannah Milne interview

11 October 2017| By Mia Hunt

Guy Nixon

Mr Nice Guy: Guy Nixon interview

5 October 2017| By Simon Creasey

Jeff Levine

On the Level: Jeff Levine interview

29 September 2017| By Simon Creasey

Sally Duggleby

Sally’s new army: Sally Duggleby interview

21 September 2017| By Simon Creasey

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