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Changing nature of stock

South East office rental growth is set to outperform

25 June 2017 9:00 am

BNP Paribas Real Estate is predicting that average rents will grow faster in the South East office market over the next two years than in both London and the rest of the UK.

Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London: Khan’s first year report

23 June 2017 0:00 am| By Ben Cooper

Grenfell Tower

What must be done to stop another Grenfell happening?

23 June 2017 0:00 am| By Helen Crane, Samuel Horti

Norwood Property Lunch 2017

Norwood Property Lunch: a noble cause and effect

22 June 2017 6:00 am| By Richard Hook

CHICKENliquor, Brixton

MEATliquor: the burger king

22 June 2017 6:00 am| By Nick Hughes

London monuments data

Which London icon is on top?

22 June 2017 5:31 am

Berwick Street Market, Soho

Market forces: Berwick Street Market

22 June 2017 5:00 am| By James Halliwell

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Dreamland, Margate

Margate's art-driven regeneration gathers momentum

16 June 2017 0:00 am| By Simon Creasey

Two Southbank Place

Does new directive signal the death of the long lease?

16 June 2017 0:00 am| By Richard Williams

Darius Ziatabari

Touch of magic: Darius Ziatabari interview

15 June 2017 6:00 am| By Adam Branson

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Tipping point: the surge in fly-tipping

15 June 2017 6:00 am| By Jon Severs

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