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Retail landlords and the art of curation

27 April 2017 6:00 am| By Mia Hunt

The word ‘curation’ is usually associated with art galleries, museums or trendy music festivals. However, it is rapidly gaining currency among retail landlords. Where once they talked about ‘active asset management’ or ‘improving the tenant mix’ of a scheme, today many landlords consider themselves ‘retail curators’.

Craig McWilliam

The man with a 20-year plan: Craig McWilliam interview

27 April 2017 5:00 am| By Samuel Horti

Generation Z

Time to gen up on Gen Z

27 April 2017 5:33 am

Vape e-cigarette woman

Vape bars: attack of the vapers

26 April 2017 7:00 am| By Nick Hughes

DogHouse hotel and brewery, Columbus, Ohio

On The DogHouse: the BrewDog hotel

25 April 2017 7:00 am| By Nick Hughes

Thames Valley takeup

Reading comes out top in newly resurgent Valley office market

25 April 2017 6:33 am |Updated: 25 April 2017 4:33 pm

Dartford Valley Rugby Football Club

Project Dirt: funding community projects

25 April 2017 9:45 am| By Helen Crane

Lob-6 capsule

Lob-6: the zero-gravity experience

24 April 2017 12:25 pm| By Mia Hunt

Typhoo Wharf, Digbeth

West Midlands gets an ‘oo’ with Typhoo Wharf

21 April 2017 0:13 am| By Andrew Stone


Blockchain: the new phenomenon set to transform the way we work

21 April 2017 0:00 am| By Jon Severs

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Baskerville House, Birmingham

Network Rail rolls out flagship agile working concept in Brum

21 April 2017 0:00 am| By Samantha Lyster


Opinions sharply divided over property fund reform

20 April 2017 5:27 am| By Guy Montague-Jones

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