BizSpace hires Smith as development head

Flexible business space provider BizSpace has appointed Pure Offices founder Nick Smith as its new development director.

Smith will be tasked with identifying sites for new-build opportunities as well as leading the development of the sites into purpose-built BizSpace centres.

Since its purchase by Värde Partners in 2015, BizSpace has been on an expansion drive, leading to the creation of the new development director role.

“Previously, we have grown via the purchase of existing properties, so this is a major step in the development of the BizSpace brand throughout the UK,” said BizSpace commercial director Emma Long.

“By planning and developing new business centres from scratch, we will be able to offer our customers the full BizSpace experience right from day one, as every element of the centres will be tailored to our customers’ needs.”

Smith said: “It’s great to be on board with [BizSpace] at such a crucial time of growth and to be bringing new skills and experience to the company.”

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