Land Registry makes commercial ownership data free to use

HM Land Registry has today made ownership data on land and property owned by UK and overseas companies free to use.

The Land Registry has released two datasets, Commercial and Corporate Ownership Data and Overseas Companies Ownership Data, which contain more than 3 million rows and include details such as address, company’s name, price paid and country of incorporation.

Users are required to register to get access to the data.

The Land Registry said that by releasing this data for free, it is offering citizens and organisations “the opportunity to scrutinise the records and discover which companies own land and property in England and Wales.”

“We are continually striving to make the best use of our hugely valuable data,” said Graham Farrant, chief executive and chief Land Registrar. “Our ambition is to become ‘the world’s leading land registry for speed, simplicity and an open approach to data’. The release of two significant sets of data today marks another important milestone in that journey.”

Farrant added that the Land Registry will be releasing more datasets in the future and will make them free to use “by anyone with an interest in land and property”.

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