Slade Garden community hub plans submitted in Lambeth

Plans have been submitted to Lambeth council for a community hub and adventure playground at Slade Gardens in south London.

The plans were developed in an attempt to secure a future for the park, which is currently owned by the local authority.

Slade Gardens Community Play Association, which has operated the facility for the last 18 years, was invited by the council to develop plans which would maximise the value of the site and allow an asset transfer of the land to take place.

The proposed development will provide a space for the Slade Gardens One O’Clock Club, a children’s play group, and will offer a multipurpose space for the local community.

Plans also include a café and a house containing two maisonettes. The café will help generate revenue and the house will be sold to raise money for the project.

MAX Architects provided design and planning consultancy on a pro bono basis. The practice said the design “was borne out of a desire to create a playful building that would flow out of the landscape, blending in seamlessly with its park context and respecting the conservation area into which it overlaps”. 

Max Titchmarsh, founding director of MAX Architects, added: “The Slade Gardens Community Play Association, the One O’Clock Club and the wider community wish to secure this valuable amenity for our children and future generations. 

“By bringing together a committed team of professionals, we have been able to develop a solution that can house multiple social amenities while acting as catalyst for the wider improvements to Slade Gardens and providing the permanent roots that the adventure playground requires to resist any future development pressures.”

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