HS2 compensation reform needed to protect business and homeowners

There are hundreds of businesses and homes who will suffer noise, dust, dirt, vibration and restricted access, but will be left high and dry by the creation of HS2.

The rules say it is only the loss of value in your property which will be eligible for compensation – not the very real losses suffered from reduced or lost business.

This is simply wrong and I would urge the government to address it in the context of HS2. Some businesses will be forced to the wall, or at best have to relocate in order to survive, but they will get no help or recompense.

Unfortunately, businesses are not being looked after. I also wonder whether people realise that for having twin high-speed tunnels running underneath their homes they will receive the princely sum of £50 – probably enough to pay for a single morning commute on HS2.

I’m delighted that HS2 Phase 1 has at long last gained Royal Assent, particularly for our long suffering clients who have endured almost six years of blight and who can hopefully now look forward to resolution of their compensation claims and relocation costs.

I look forward to Phase 2 being processed more speedily so that our northern cities can plan for regeneration and investment on the back of this new era for the UK’s rail network.

I hope that the success of the handful of pre-powers deals we have concluded before Royal Assent paves the way for a better approach to the northern routes. Early deals save tax payers’ money, remove the need to petition, enable claimants to plan for the impact earlier and make way for the scheme.

Chris Selway, head of compulsory purchase and infrastructure at BNP Paribas Real Estate

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