Beesy does it: GVA makes Manchester sweeter

It seems that the property industry is getting back to nature. First, Property Week reported last week that Barratt is installing ‘hedgehog highways’ in its 2,500-home Kingsbrook development in Aylesbury.

Now we hear that GVA’s property management consultancy team is co‑ordinating the installation of rooftop beehives at Ardstone Capital’s Ship Canal House in Manchester city centre.

The introduction of the hives is in response to declining numbers of bees in Britain and the location will host two hives of around 40,000 honey bees (Apis mellifera, just so you know) each.

The development’s bees will help it protect and enhance the local environment. Furthermore, they have symbolic value, as GVA’s director of property management Matthew Mears explains: “For a long time the bee has represented Manchester’s hard-working past and more recently it has come to represent the city’s resilience in the aftermath of the awful terror attacks.

“To be able to nurture and support the city’s bees is something of which we are very proud. We look forward to seeing them thrive at Ship Canal House.”

No doubt the tenants too will get a buzz out of the initiative.

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