Did any of your lodgings leavers ever leave a beaver?

Landlords sometimes get a bad rep for their overly strict checkout procedures but new research that dropped in Metropolis’s inbox this week suggests that tenants may be even more guilty of not playing ball at leaving time.

A survey conducted by blind manufacturer Hillarys revealed some of the most unusual items discovered by British landlords following the vacation of tenants, including an urn containing the ashes of a pet, a collection of Betamax cassettes and even a taxidermy beaver.

Fully 89% of landlords polled claim that tenants ‘always’ leave something unwanted behind. And while not everyone leaves a stuffed beaver lying about, reportedly 72% leave homes in an “unhygienic or dirty state”.

Who’d be a landlord? Metropolis certainly wouldn’t fancy having to dispose of the jewellery box full of nail clippings or the collection of ‘classic car magazines’ hidden behind the toilet.

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