Don’t scare us like that, David

This year’s RESI Awards went off with a bang, but what most guests at Grosvenor House wouldn’t have realised was that a minor disaster was only narrowly avoided.

As the dinner was coming to an end, L&Q chief executive David Montague announced that he needed to leave after the meal due to a meeting at 8am the following day.

Given that Montague was in line to receive the Personality of the Year award later in the evening, this caused something of a panic on the top table.

Quick thinking as ever, Metropolis first asked whether Montague had a senior colleague in the house who would be able to collect any awards that L&Q might win - before realising that with a personality award, you do actually need the personality.

“You really better just stay, David,” Metropolis suggested. “Really. It’s really better you stay.”

Fortunately, he took the subtle hint and duly collected his gong at the end of the evening.

Back stage, Montague couldn’t hide his delight, saying: “For me to win this award is just an extraordinary thing.”

You’re very welcome, David. But please don’t scare us like that again.

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