Drone racing gets offices buzzing with excitement

Forget paintballing - competitive drone racing could be the next big thing in office bonding.

This week saw what is believed to have been the first drone race inside an office building.

The competition was held in The Charter Building in Uxbridge, a joint venture between Landid Property and Brockton Capital, and involved drones “negotiating hoops and obstacles across the one-acre floorplates and through the voluminous atrium”.

Landid director Chris Hiatt admitted he had reservations about the stunt. “While I was a little nervous at first about the idea of having drones buzzing about the place, the pilots are able to control these things with amazing precision,” he said. “Watch this space for more events at The Charter Building.”

Metropolis assumes that occupiers will be given fair warning first - or at least instructed to duck.

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