No secs please we’re Landsec

Metropolis was interested to hear this week that Land Securities was being rebranded.

What would the new brand for the UK’s largest listed property company be? Something bold and innovative perhaps, reflecting the fact that property has entered the digital age? Well, no. It turned out that Land Securities has rebranded as, er… Landsec.

This came as a slight surprise to those of us in the media who had repeatedly had our wrists slapped for using an abbreviated form of its name. Chief executive Rob Noel even acknowledged that people often referred to it as Landsec anyway.

However, he insisted, this was not the key reason for the rebranding. No. The new look, which was unveiled when Land Securities’, sorry Landsec’s, annual report was published, is apparently intended to build on the company’s philosophy that “everything is experience”.

Quite how the new name and L-shaped logo convey this is a mystery to Metropolis and some might argue that ‘experience is everything’ would have been a better strapline… but who are we to argue with the branding experts?

Plus, at least we won’t get told off any more for using a shorter version…

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